Mission and Vision To provide unparallel quality in Financial and Business Risk management. With the ability to upscale and provide efficiencies, we strive to provide timely and quality services to Banks and Financial Institutions in the BFSI Space.
About Us To get an understanding of Veeraraghavan & Co. today, one needs to look back at the company's history and see how it evolved into a renowned financial services outsourcing and process outsourcing company. Veeraraghavan & Co. has been in the financial services and retail outsourcing business for the last 30 years. From managing credit checks and audits for banks, the company diversified into branch audits and managing diverse risks for companies. The company is the oldest and most trusted name in this space, managing sensitive information and handing discreet credit verification activities.

Established in 1989, Veeraraghavan & Co. has come a long way. Started as small proprietorship concern, it has steadily grown as one of the biggest Financial Service provider in India providing credit services to various banks & financial Institutions.

Managed by Chartered Accountants & finance Professionals, the company is preferred choice for credit & financial Services over its competitors.
Distribution Veeraraghavan & Co. has a capability to provide services all over India. From its base 16 Offices, it has a distributed and deep location competence to cover over 500 towns and cities across the length and breadth of India. From its centralized office and processing center in Mumbai, Veeraraghavan & Co. has ability to upscale using it's associate network to provide its customers with the full suite of services.
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