Audit & Assurance Services Considered one of the premier companies which handles Credit Verification, Credit Appraisals and Process Outsourcing in India, Veeraraghavan & Co. is working towards handing end-to-end processing for almost areas in the Financial Services Outsourcing domain.

The committed team has ensured that they provide quality services across a number of disciplines. At Veeraraghavan & Co. the motto is "Customer Satisfaction". That is why we customize our products and services to meet client needs.

Clients are free to structure their own requirements and provide us a RFP. We have direct contacts as well as an ability to raise a request on our contact page
Income Estimation for sub-prime mortgage/Personal loans lending We have been conducting income estimation of customers who have high net worth not backed by sufficient income show in the income documents. This process involves visiting the customer at his work place, estimating his income considering his all the sources of income and recasting the financials as per the observations.
Personal Discussion with loan applicants. Personal, Mortgage and Business lending Personal discussion with loan applicants to evaluate credit worthiness before disbursal of loans. This process involves visiting the customer at his work place and holding a personal discussion that will include among other things details as regards his business background, educational background, family background, assets owned and other borrowings. Personal discussion of prospective borrower is conducted with an aim to evaluate his credit worthiness and his capacity to repay the planned loan.
Credit Appraisals We help financial institutions to draft credit appraisals in line with their requirements. This generally involves writing briefly about the background of the prospective borrower, analyzing the financials and defining the risk parameters.
Due Diligence exercises Due diligence on prospective sellers of loan portfolios mainly by NBFCs and financial institution. Checking of loan document and credit documents to evaluate the quality of the portfolio. Evaluating various processes such as loan origination, booking, credit, collection etc.
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