Credit Services Considered one of the premier companies which handles Credit Verification, Credit Appraisals and Process Outsourcing in India, Veeraraghavan & Co. is working towards handing end-to-end processing for almost areas in the Financial Services Outsourcing domain.

The committed team has ensured that they provide quality services across a number of disciplines. At Veeraraghavan & Co. the motto is "Customer Satisfaction". That is why we customize our products and services to meet client needs.

Clients are free to structure their own requirements and provide us a RFP. We have direct contacts as well as an ability to raise a request on our contact page
Credit Processing of Personal Loans and Mortgage loans (CPA activity) We have been Processing retail loans for almost a decade now. The activity involves end to end processing of files received from Sales agents. The activity involves logging in checking, de-duplication, Telephonic verifications, initiation of field verification, initiation of Legal check and Valuation for mortgage loans, fulfilling legal documentation and finally disbursal activities.
Credit verification of Business loans We conduct credit verifications of Unsecured and secured business. This generally involve verification of bank statements, verifications of business establishment papers such as Shop establishment licenses, certificates from Service Tax and VAT authorities. Bank statement analysis, Books of account checking and financial analysis are other activities that go along with Credit verification.
Field Investigation/ Contact Point Verification We conduct Field Verifications/ Contact point verifications with high quality standards at the minimum possible turnaround times. We have customized the verifications as per the requirements of the clients. The process involves among other things meeting with the loan customer, observing his standard of living, evaluating his easy access and contactability in the eventuality of default and his general reputation in the area where he resides or conducts his work.
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